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ArtWorks Together 2023 is an international exhibition, offering adult artists with learning disabilities, autism or both, the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents to the entire world to gain the recognition they deserve.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate fully in arts and culture. We hope to raise the aspirations of these underrepresented artists who want to work in the arts & cultural sector, and encourage ambition and talent to freely thrive through this opportunity to showcase their artwork in our exhibition.

Established by ArtWorks South Yorkshire 

Artworks South Yorkshire is a non profit creative arts organisation, inspiring and supporting adults with learning disabilities, autism or both to achieve their full artistic potential and develop important life skills through creative workshops and placements.

Our service provides a safe and accommodating environment for our artists to explore their own artistic passions. Our number one priority has always been to enrich the arts landscape through empowering a diverse range of voices and perspectives. An important part of this work is regular exhibitions which demonstrate the talent of these artists to the public equally to non-disabled artists. 

“We want to galvanise change within the arts and celebrate the works of so many incredibly talented artists with learning disabilities, autism or both, who are currently significantly underrepresented in the sector.”

– Kayleigh Cruickshank Director at ArtWorks

To learn more about us, just click here to open a new window.

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