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The final countdown to the exhibition submission deadline has begun!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

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The submission deadline to enter your work for the ArtWorks Together International Exhibition is this Saturday!

What will you gain from submitting?

Shortlisted and award winning works will be shown at Wentworth Woodhouse, a Grade 1 listed Stately Home from 30 August - 24 September 2023, as well as in a virtual gallery available for world-wide viewing. Shortlisted and winning artists will also gain, to name a few: ✨The opportunity to take part in artist talks during the exhibition ✨Support for winning artists to submit their work for consideration by national collections ✨Work will be shared with major national galleries to raise interest in the artist’s practice. ✨The opportunity for a solo show in our soon-to-open ArtWorks gallery space (more on this exciting new venture coming soon!)

Recent updates:

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A session with our previous award winners Emily Uttley, Thomas Oscar Miles and Wendy Belcher. It was an opportunity for us to catch up with them and learn more about their experiences since winning their awards and exhibiting their work during ArtWorks Together 2021.

One of the highlights of the discussion was hearing about how the exhibition has since changed the artists' lives. Emily and Thomas spoke about how ArtWorks Together gave them a newfound sense of confidence in their work and helped them to gain exposure in the art world. For them, it was a turning point in their careers, leading to new opportunities and collaborations, for example, Emily Uttley recently created a mural for The University of Leeds titled ‘Peace of Mind’, located in the Students Union.

The artists also shared some interesting insights into the exhibition itself. They spoke about how it was a unique opportunity to showcase their work alongside other talented artists and how it helped them to connect with a wider audience. They also appreciated the support and guidance they received from us throughout the process, which made the experience all the more rewarding.

Overall, the live Q&A was a great reminder of the impact that our exhibition can have on artists' lives and careers. We are proud to have played a part in their journey and look forward to continuing to support emerging artists with learning disabilities and autism during ArtWorks Together 2023!

Watch the Q&A here:



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