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Discover or cultivate your creative side at our exhibition workshops

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Discover Your Creative Side at our Exhibition Workshops!

Join us at Wentworth Woodhouse and learn from accomplished artists during our exhibition opening week. The workshops at our exhibition will be run by successful artists who have mastered their craft. You'll have the incredible opportunity to learn from their expertise, gain insights into their creative process, and create your own masterpiece to take home.

Create, Inspire, and Connect

Our workshops offer more than just the chance to explore new techniques and create art. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, get inspired, and immerse yourself in creativity!

Accessible for All

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. That's why we are offering a diverse range of activities for participants of all ages which are accessible to everyone, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience. In terms of skill level, we welcome beginners, experienced artists, and everyone in between - there's something for everyone!

Workshop Dates and Info:

30th August

Dot painting workshop with Richard Johnson 10am – 12pm Join artist Richard Johnson and have fun making a painting out of lots of dots! Using brightly coloured bingo pens Richard will help you paint a view of the Wentworth landscape. As you build up your painting the dots will start to merge together in an effect called 'optical mixing'. This unusual technique was first discovered by the pointillist painters of the French Impressionist movement. By the end of the workshop you'll have a stunning painting bursting with colour to take home.

Free family drop-in workshops basis 11am-3pm

These workshops are run by artists and staff from ArtWorks SY. We will be creating collagraph prints, exploring different photography techniques, drawing to music and more!

31st August Printmaking with James Green 10am-12pm During the two hour session you'll learn how to create a small one-colour linocut print. You'll learn how to compose your image, safely cut the lino and then make your print. All materials are included, and no experience is necessary, but maybe bring along an idea you'd like to turn into a print (a photograph or a drawing)? Sculpture workshop with Chris Jarrat 1:30-3:30pm Come and join artist Christopher Jarratt in making your very own spinning sculptures powered by the wind. Working on the theme of the environment, you will make a 2 frame animation of bold shapes, colours and words. Air made visible. A visual way of telling stories, reading the land and powered by the wind that shapes it. 2nd September Painting workshop with Richard Kitson 10am-12pm Join Richard Kitson for a painting workshop exploring two portraits from the Wentworth-Fitzwilliam family. Using acrylics, paint a portrait of either the 8th Earl or Countess Fitzwilliam or both. Richard will offer demonstrations and guidance throughout and all materials will be provided. A great way to get to know two former custodians of the Wentworth estate. Paper Camellia Flower Making with Bridg Murray 1:30-3:30pm In this two-hour workshop you will learn to cut, fold, glue, tear, roll and manipulate a range of types of paper into realistic looking camelia flowers to brighten up your home or summer wardrobe. 3rd September Jewellery workshop with Rachael Colley 1-3pm Info: Join artist Rachael Colley to create your own biodegradable jewellery using food waste and organic matter. Rachael's adornments transform food waste into a decorative material, challenging our throwaway consumer culture. Her pieces have a limited lifespan and are designed to either partially or fully return to the land to biodegrade as fashions change, proposing a potentially more sustainable future for jewellery design and production.

Join us at Wentworth Woodhouse for our exhibition opening week and dive into the world of art. Reserve your spot now!



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