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How to Photograph Your Artwork

It is very important that the photographs of submitted artwork are of high quality. Our judges will be selecting the award winners from these photographs so the quality of the photos must be high enough to accurately capture your skills and talent.


We've put together the tips below to help you take high quality photos of your artwork:

1. Plan and prepare your background

We recommend photographing your artwork against a flat white or black background. This will help your artwork to clearly stand out and it will remove any visual distractions which could take away from the quality of your work

2. (If photographing a 2-D piece) hang your artwork on a wall

This will reduce the risk of distortion from the angle of the camera. Use a spirit level to ensure that the work is hung straight 

3. Ensure that the artwork is well lit

If possible, we recommend setting up two lights at a 45-degree angle on either side of the artwork to light it equally from each side. If this equipment is not available, experiment with using daylight and other lighting sources in the room, and setting up the artwork in different places to see where the lighting is the most advantageous. 

4. Set up your camera on a sturdy surface

If available, we recommend using a tripod, but any kind of still surface, such as a table, can be used to reduce risk of movement when taking the photo. This will ensure that the photo is not blurry. 

5. Use a high quality camera

We appreciate that not everyone owns a professional camera for photographing their artwork. However, we recommend using the highest quality camera that you have available for photographing your work. Do you have any friends who are photographers and could lend you their equipment? Do you have any family members with a brand new mobile phone with a high quality camera which you could borrow to take these photos? Have a think about the options which are available to you and choose the best quality equipment that you can access for capturing the beauty of your artwork

Good luck with taking your photos! 

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