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ArtWorks Together 2021

1st Place 

Emily Uttley- Sleeping boy

183. Emily Uttley.png

This image depicts a boy / young man, lying on his bed alone and in an awkward position, suffering from a wave of depression. It shows his complete surrender to battling it, yet the peacefulness of his pain. The boy is empty; no matter how much external vitality and vibrancy lives on, his illness renders him unresponsive and oblivious. He is suffering in a stunningly tranquil, and undisturbed way. We are reminded of the importance of comforting ourselves during our most private and painful moments.

After having a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome at a young age, I have always struggled to relate to other people, and have consequently suffered from feelings of isolation, anxiety and sometimes depression. I therefore use my imaginary subjects as a reflection of my own most inner feelings and private moments.

2nd Place 

15 Days of Clay- The Gathering

331. 15 days in clay uk.jpg

15 Days of Clay is a group of artists bonded by kinship, with a sense of creativity at its heart. Our purpose has always been to champion ability over any perceived disability. There is beauty in difference if you remove judgment. Our clay community has created its own collective purpose, generated genuine friendships and has nurtured an environment that has empowered countless individuals. 

This piece of work, called The Gathering, began with the starting point 'What Does 15 Days In Clay Mean to You?' Recurring themes emerged in the responses, these being: collective strength, unity, creativity and biscuits! Somehow we needed to visually convey this message. The work needed to create a sense of presence, stature and an interaction. There needed to be uniformity with the overall form, but also individuality expressed through the choices of each artist. 

3rd Place 

Thomas Miles- Masking: Conflict

22. Thomas Oscar Miles.tif

I find that we must reflect on the good and the bad that comes with autism. My experiences vary: I can be so happy and joyous that I will stim (reactions/movements that autistic people may do when there's a sensory overload or an overwhelming sense of joy or stress). But then I can also feel very low and drained, this can be due to masking for a lengthy period of time; long social interactions and intense 1-1 situations- often with strangers.

These opposite sides of the masking spectrum can be very varying and inconsistent. Now that I am aware of masking and how it is something I do, I worry about

the implications from this; how will it affect me as I grow further into adulthood: building my own family and my business. Will I be happy, healthy and me?

This photo is a portrayal of the conflict that comes with masking. How it feels to be in the centre of masking, particularly for a long period of time. You feel yourself doing whatever you can to successfully mask, to hide any autistic traits that people might judge. 

Judges Awards

558. Anya Bliss - UK.png

Anya Bliss

'The Most Dangerous Man Alive'- Michael Morris Judges Award

Wendy Belcher

'Things That Annoy Me'- Helen Pheby Judges Award

530. Rachel Schubkegel USA.png
122. Jack Haslam Better pic .jpg

Rachel Schubkegel

'Rachels Favourite Things-

James Lingwood Judges Award

Jack Haslam

'Waiting Game'-

Tony Heaton Judges Award

322. Gabriel Salvador portugal.png

Gabriel Salvador


Rachel Gadsten Judges Award

57. Julie Coulter-English 1.jpg

Julie Coulter-English

'Mothers and Daughters'-

Alison Lapper Judges Award

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